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Our Philosophy...

As.If Records is based on the idea that music is a complicated art form that, when made correctly from start to finish, can change perspectives. 

At As.If Records, we cherish the timeless classics of dance music and all forms of electronica. We take pride in professionalism and run the label accordingly. Top notch Mastering, as good as it gets PR, and a dedication to have the artists we believe in be heard. We are aware that classics are being made daily by truly talented ARTISTS. To stay true to our philosophy, we are finding and releasing these artist (newbies and vets) at highest quality... for YOU. We truly value and take pride in sharing and educating as we mold young artists into professionals and help the true pros get their respect the old fashion way. At As.If Records we live this music and therefore respect it like no other. The hope is to make these values more of a priority in our fading underground so that it may once again influence the masses like this scene’s music has. Like we say at As.If Records... “If there is a problem, yo!, I’ll solve it. Check out the hook while my djs resolve it” because “with the lights out, its contagious, here we are now, entertain us.” We have been “knocked down but we get up again, you’re never gonna keep us down.” Because all we really "wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom.” Just “let you body go with the flow, you know you can do it.” so “don’t go chasing waterfalls.” just know that As.If Records is “something unpredictable but in the end is right. We let u have the time of your life.”
PEACE/LOVE As.If Records 2019